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The philosophy consists of urban and also subculture influences. We try to make Design from you for you - between Architecture, Design and Recycle Art.
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Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

Sign Chair

This chair is a product made of a urban modular system where you can modify individual. Beside it's sculptural aspect indoors this robust chair is also perfectly apt for your garden parties...

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Für Gourmets

Yes, it's just a fake. After I did this foto i tasted it and i have to say onion gives a little more crunch to Nutella.

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009


It's just some kind of recycle art but has become the expression of a skating bulldog. you can sit, skate and break your neck or put your television on it and kick around when it sucks. You can see another variation below with a handhold. If you're too composed, you can also move it around like buggy or a caddy. Rock'n'Roll!